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Why stop motion animation works in social media?

Stop motion animation in social media

In this article we will tell you why stop motion animation can give you a competitive advantage in social media. Based on the HighQ infographic, video has been one of the most important content types in social media during 2017: 500 million people in Facebook watched video every day. Of them, 78% watched videos online every week and 55% every day.

Of course that means more competition between the videos and that makes it more difficult to stand out. Here is our advice on how to do that:

  1. Your video has to make an impact fast - in a few seconds, otherwise people will scroll past it. Meaning that you need cute kitties and puppies in your video. Well maybe not, but you need something emotionally catchy or something so interesting that you just can’t stop watching the whole video.

  2. You have to make impact without sound! You see, in social media the video starts rolling without sound - only if you click the video, it will have sound. Also people do not necessarily want to have the sound on for various reasons. The result is that 85% of videos in Facebook are watched without sound. So use subtitles if there is a voice-over and more importantly create content which works without sound!

  3. Keep it short! Social media users have no time or patience to watch long videos. Your video should last between a few seconds to one minute. If you want to make a longer video, you need a really good and emotional story.

So why stop motion animation?

  1. Because it’s interesting and it stands out. There is some magic when static objects start moving and doing things, you want to see what is going to happen.

  2. It works perfectly without sound. Of course sound takes it to a new level, but the unexpected movement itself is the driving force.

  3. Stop motion animation works best when it is not too long. And that way it can also be inexpensive. Stop motion animation language is perfect for doing short videos. And therefore it is a perfect format for social media!

Could your business benefit from using stop motion animation in social media?

We will help you come up with creative ideas to promote your business.

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